Horses Are More than a Hobby




Caring for horses for more than 30 years, Serenity Stables is one of the oldest equestrian farms around.
We're not just passionate about horses and riding, we're passionate about people that love horses.
Our farm and staff is here to ensure your animals are well cared for and extremely happy.

"Not only is Serenity Stables a great place to board a horse, but the head trainer, Erin, is such an amazing person. He got my untrainable horse, Tyler, to turn a corner. He's learning manners and is almost ready for going on a trail ride!" Kellie D


There is plenty of pasture, space for riding and roaming, and comfortable boarding stalls. Whether you need to bring your horse here for a few days or a good while longer, you'll be happy to know it'll get plenty of attention and exceptional care.


Tours Are Available Monday - Friday

The prairie blows the grasses and whips the horse's mane.  They travel, horse and rider, through the sea of amber grain.  Hills roll by, and clouds pass, but steady are the horse's hooves upon the wind blown grass.  As they travel, horse and rider, there is no trail that they follow, no path that can be seen.  There they travel, horse and rider upon the endless blowing green.

The Horses Prayer

To thee, my master, I offer my prayer.  Feed, water, and care for me, when the day's work is done, give me shelter and a clean, dry bed.  Be kind and brush me, so that I may learn to love you.  

Do not whip, strike or beat me, but allow me a chance to understand you.  Do not overload me.  

I cannot tell you when I am thirsty, so give me clean, cool water.  Give me shelter from the hot sun, put a blanket on me when I am standing in the cold.

For I will carry you without a murmur, and wait patiently for you day and night.  

And finally, my dear Master, when my useful strenght is gone, do not turn me out to starve or freeze but keep me safe until He calls me home.  I ask it in the name of Him who was born in a stable like me.